You can leverage real estate into an income stream as an investor

Flipping homes is ideal for investors with some renovation knowledge and experience in the market. For new investors, we’ll help you step-by-step through the process to reach your goal to accumulate wealth, income, and capital gains.

I work with investors to find houses to flip or properties to rent. Let me help get you started on the path to being a real estate investor.


Flipping Homes: What you should know

Flipping homes is ideal for those with DIY and renovation knowledge and experience in the market. Purchasing properties that need repairs to up their value on the market can also be a risky investment, but a lucrative one. If you have a working knowledge of home repairs, you’ll be able to estimate the costs of fixing the home, plus the initial investment and resale value.

Being a Landlord: What you should know

Being a landlord is not for everyone. If you decide to invest in rental properties, you’ll be taking on any up front maintenance costs that arise during the life of the property as well as managing tenants.

You should make sure you have a healthy amount of capital to ensure financing and up front maintenance costs, as well as months where the property may be vacant. Rental properties are also a more hands on option for investing unless you also invest in a property management company or staff.

We work with property investors to help build their real estate portfolio. Let me help you get started today.