First-Time Home Buyers

Stop Renting. Own your home.

Stop giving your landlord your tax benefits and home equity.

Stop giving your neighbors control over your peace of mind.


Forget the myth that:

You cannot own a home if you have bad credit or a bankruptcy.

You cannot own a home unless you have a large down payment.


You can own a home too!

Consider our “Pathways to Home-Ownership Roadmap” program designed to help all Americans achieve the American Dream of Home Ownership. This program was developed by George Wheeler with one goal in mind, to help All Americans Achieve the American Dream of Home Ownership. Too often renters or past home owners have been discouraged from buying a home. The “Ownership Roadmap” focuses on the 7-Steps to Buying a Home and the facts you need to prepare for the home buying process including:

  1. 1-on-1 Consultation

  2. How to get pre-qualified

  3. Understanding your credit score

  4. If you’re eligible for a mortgage loan

  5. How to buy investment property

  6. How to re-establish bad credit into good credit

  7. Understand the various types of mortgage loans, i.e. FHA, VA, Fixed and adjustable rate mortgage loans.

Benefits of home ownership can include:

  • Build equity in your home.

  • Build a legacy for your beneficiary

  • Freedom from neighbors next door

  • Pay less taxes - keep more of your income

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